How Two Small Letters Can Awaken Gratitude

Dr. McKay Caston
5 min readNov 28, 2023

This past Sunday, my friend, Rich Good, made a statement in his sermon that I can’t shake.

Not that I want to shake it.

But you know how there are things you hear that keep pinging around in your head.

In a message on living with a posture of thankfulness, he said, “Gratitude is the appropriate response to grace.”

In view of the gospel, being thankful to God just makes sense.

It’s as appropriate as cheering for a touchdown that wins the game or saying “mmm” aloud after the first bite of chocolate chess pie with homemade whipped cream.

Gratitude is the expected reaction to grace. If there isn’t excitement after the score, the fan just doesn’t get it, or they’re not really a fan. No “mmm” after chocolate chess pie and we assume the absence of taste buds.

As it relates to the spiritual life, an ungrateful disciple of Jesus is someone who has lost sight of the cross, minimized its implications, or lost sensitively to the sweet taste of grace.

Sadly, I can relate to such blindness, minimization, and loss of sensitivity.



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