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  • Gordon McFarland

    Gordon McFarland

    I write to: avoid housework, challenge assumptions, make connections, clarify memories, glorify God.

  • Kathleen Tiemubol

    Kathleen Tiemubol

    Spiritual director, English teacher, language learner, contemplative writer. I met my husband in Thailand while attending his church. We have two adopted sons.

  • Melinda Crow

    Melinda Crow

    30-year freelancer. Found on: Newsweek, The Points Guy, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel, Writing Cooperative. Falcon Guide author. https://melindacrow.substack.com/

  • Veritas Vita 777

    Veritas Vita 777

    Creator ▪ Truth Seeker ▪ Believer ▪ Living the Veritas Vita (Truth Life) ▪ Sharing my journey of faith and lessons I've learned ▪ Endeavoring to inspire others!

  • Bill Abbate

    Bill Abbate

    Leadership Writer and Editor in ILLUMINATION, Leadership/Executive Coach, Author www.BillAbbate.com

  • Down to Virgo

    Down to Virgo

    By R. Marie. Recurring topics include mental health and environmentalism. | https://msha.ke/downtovirgo | IG: @downtovirgo |

  • Benjamin Dankaka

    Benjamin Dankaka

    Author-Trainer — Creator, VIP-CI Model of Leadership — I write on business and personal development. I also share biblical thoughts on leadership.

  • Katharine Trauger

    Katharine Trauger

    Jesus lover. Professional Mom. Writer, Speaker, Counselor. Contest winner. Woods dweller. Scratch cook. Sorry your house really IS on fire. TheConqueringMom.com

  • Mark Shpuntov

    Mark Shpuntov

    I help creators grow their audience and start making money online. Get my best tools, ideas, and resources for creators 👉 https://markshpuntov.ck.page/6483fa99

  • Jano le Roux

    Jano le Roux

    An award-winning marketing consultant who helps high-growth brands craft marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. Open for work—jano@likeflare.com—Join me ⤵️

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