Try listening to this familiar song with new ears

Norman Rockwell was an illustrator in the previous century who created covers for The Saturday Evening Post magazine for over fifty years. While Rockwell painted Presidential portraits and advocated for crucial social justice issues such as the civil rights movement, he is best known for capturing a sentimental, idealized slice…

A short reflection

My friend, Dave McCarty, sent an email to friends a couple of years ago with the heading, “The Thanksgiving holiday is very dangerous.”

That was an email I had to open.

How could turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate chess pie be harmful (except for the obvious caloric impact)? What is the threat of gathering with family…

Though not an exhaustive compilation, I hope you will enjoy it as a reasonable survey. 😀

Francis Schaeffer

I became a Christian once for all upon the basis of the finished work of Christ through faith. That is justification. The Christian life, sanctification, operates on the same basis, but moment by moment. There is the same basis (Christ’s work) and the same instrument (faith); the only difference is…

PLUS, a three-directional model for how to “live by faith”

If you take a course in systematic theology, eventually your instructor will teach on the three layers of saving faith.

The prof may not use a cake for an analogy, but I like cake and think it makes for a delicious analogy. 🍰 As we will see, the layers of faith are interconnected and built upon each other.

LAYER #1: Facts

The first layer includes facts. These are the historically verifiable details concerning…

This reason may not sound very “spiritual.”

Sometimes folks ask about motivations for living according to the wisdom of God as revealed in the Bible.

“If I am saved by grace alone, why should I obey Jesus?”

There are so many obvious ways to address such a question — the glory of God, gratitude for grace, love for Jesus, and the promise of reward. …

That modifies our motives for obedience.

In 2 Corinthians 5:14, Paul reveals the motive that drove his ministry, saying, “Christ’s love compels us.”

There was something spiritually transformative about being the recipient of God’s love that modifies our motives for obedience.

A couple of chapters earlier, in 2 Corinthians 3:18, Paul writes, “We, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory.” The Greek…

How the ways of God’s kingdom are antithetical to the ways of the world.

If Christians are saved by grace alone, then…

There are so many ways to finish that sentence.

How would you complete it?

If Christians are saved by grace alone, then ____________________.

  • We should be the humblest people on earth.
  • We should be the most generous.
  • We should be the most forgiving.
  • We should be the kindest.
  • We should…

Dr. McKay Caston

I write for folks who are tired of moralistic religion and thirst for the scandalous grace of Jesus.

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