What if you could sleep through the storm, even as droplets of worry, anxiety, and stress pelt the windshield of your heart and mind?

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Gripping the Wheel

To this day, it ranks as one of the very worst storms I’ve encountered. At the time, my family lived in Greenwood, Mississippi, about an hour north of my in-law’s home near Yazoo City. After visiting them for the day, we were driving back to Greenwood up Highway 49, a…

A life-lesson from Matt Corral’s “career-defining moment”

In an interview the week of the Alabama game, Ole Miss junior quarterback and Heisman Trophy favorite, Matt Corral, was asked in an interview to name the defining moment in his career.

You would expect him to point out a bowl victory or a breakout game with off-the-chart stats. While…

Are you willing to speak these five words? Are you willing to believe them for yourself?

Hello friends,

Today’s post is an excerpt from a new book 📖 I just revised and released under a new title, UNEXPECTED KINDNESS: How Jesus Shows Us a Better Way to Engage the World. You may get it HERE at no cost when using the coupon code FREE2021.

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The Brackets

If you…

The question isn’t whether you will arrive at the end of your rope but rather, “What will you do when you get there?”


Pressing Rewind

In his lecture, The Beauty of What We’ll Never Know, Pico Iyler said something that made me push pause. Did he just say what I think he said? I had to rewind the video to make sure.

My ears had not deceived me. Without flinching, Iyler presented the statement with…

A two-part plan for preventing and/or recovering from the collapse

Wake Me Up on Saturday

When my wife told me to wake her up on Saturday, I knew she wasn’t serious. It was Tuesday. Did she really plan to sleep for five days? Even if she gave me those wake-up instructions as a joke, there was something there that revealed a deep exhaustion. She wasn’t…

Sanctification is not primarily a duty. It is a gift.

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Today’s post is an excerpt from a newly released, short book (just 45 pages) called Facets: Beholding the Beauty of God’s Grace in Jesus.

To download Facets at no cost, simply enter the code FREE2021 at checkout or use 👉🏼 this link to download any resource on the site at…

How to see yourself as God sees you

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Mirrors have the capacity to bless or curse.

On one hand, they help us see things about ourselves we otherwise could not see. Going to a job interview, you’d like to know that your tie is knotted correctly or that your eye makeup is applied properly. …

Four words that help us push back against the deceptive Pharisee spirit that lurks within each of us.

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I posted an article recently exploring the distinction between the Pharisee and tax collector in Jesus’ parable in Luke 18:9–14. The title was “Taking the Low Ground.” I had the opportunity to preach that message this past Sunday for a church in Atlanta.

As I revisited the post and tweaked…

For Jack Miller, it was the fear-inducing, soul-killing idol of human approval. Thankfully, there is hope for those of us who can identify.

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He Couldn’t Deny It

I first heard the phrase used by Jack Miller in one of his Sonship lectures. After observing his people-pleasing ways, a friend confronted him with a dose of truth in love. “Jack, you are an approval suck.”

He couldn’t deny it. Like a mosquito feeds on human blood, he fed…

In his book, The Jesus I Never Knew, Author Philip Yancey shares a heartbreaking story about a woman living on the streets of Chicago who was “renting” her two-year-old daughter to sexually perverted men in order to support her drug addiction. More than heartbreaking, it is sickening. …

Dr. McKay Caston

I write for folks who are tired of moralistic religion and thirst for the scandalous grace of Jesus.

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