5 Truths that Will Help You Get Love Right

What if love is a choice?

1. Love is Active, not Passive.

Let’s pause here for just a minute because this definition of love runs utterly contrary to our contemporary culture’s understanding of love.

2. Love is not Primarily an Emotion.

Biblical love is not passive. It is active. It is not driven by emotion but is rigorously volitional. It is not a virus that we catch or a hole into which we fall when not looking.

3. True Love is Costly.

In order to grasp the concept of love as an action that intends to bless — as a choice — we need to understand two ancient words: hesed and agape.

  • Hesed keeps its promises to bless. Period.
  • Hesed is willing to do whatever it takes to bless. Whatever.

4. Love is a Gift, not a Reward.

This may be the most marriage-altering principle that could ever be discovered.

  • We “give” someone an encouraging word after they have performed successfully.
  • We “give” gifts when someone accomplishes a task that is noteworthy.

5. Love Must be Received Before it Can be Given.

Yet the only way that I will choose to love in this way is if I have been loved in this way.

I write for folks who are tired of moralistic religion and thirst for the scandalous grace of Jesus — www.gracefortheweary.com.

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